Your feedback is very important in our decision making

 4 February 2022

The GSA Board is seeking input from the members to decide on the Proposed Structure of the Representative Council member roles for 2022/2023 General Election in accordance with the GSA Electoral Regulations (6.2) and the GSA Constitution.

Role of the Representative Council

Representative Councillors are responsible for advising the GSA Board and advocating on behalf of the graduate students and the portfolios they represent. The role and powers of the Representative Council are set out in Rule 9.1.


The composition of the Representative Council is set out in Rule 9.6.

The Representative Council will comprise at least eight and up to fifteen Representative Councillors – each responsible for representing a portfolio (Rule 9.6). In 2022/2023 the budget allows the appointment of ten Representative Council members.

How can you support us?

Please read the below memo from the GSA General Secretary in relation to the proposed structure and let us know your views and thoughts.

Download memo

Please provide your written feedback via email to the Gen Sec Lilian Day ( by 5pm on Tuesday 22 February 2022.

A facilitated forum will also be held on the 15 February 2022 from 4.00pm to 5.00pm for members to seek any further information from the General Secretary on the proposed structure.

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The feedback will be used to support the Board to take the final decision as per the delegation and authority.