Education (Research) Officer Nominee:

Research students are vital to universities’ workforce, research output, and reputation. Yet management often ignores us, and decides our work conditions without our input. As Research Officer, I will work with students to strengthen grassroots campaigns for better conditions and more student influence over decisions affecting us.

Many current PhD students’ studies were deeply impacted by COVID-19, yet the university has attempted to wind down its COVID stipend extension. I have worked hard in the campaign to restore this extension, which has begun to recieve support from Chancellery. I will continue fighting to ensure they deliver.

Research students also face a cost of living crisis, rental insecurity, and inadequate workspaces. I will continue to push for stipend increases and financial supports from the university, high quality workspaces on campus, and support the GSA’s welfare measures.

Research students are often extremely isolated. This is bad for our health, our work, and our negotiating power. I will support social events and grassroots organising to strengthen our community. 

These issues hit international students hardest. I will listen to international research students, work to include you in the student community, and fight for your rights.