GSA Town Hall Discussions

GSA’s Town Hall series aims to provide the opportunity for graduate students at the University of Melbourne to make their voice heard. The series of Town Hall meetings will be focused on an array of different topics that are of concern to different graduate students.

Upcoming Town Hall discussions

There are currently no upcoming Town Hall discussions.

Previous Town Hall discussions

Wednesday 25 August – Higher Education

The second Town Hall discussion for 2021 considered contemporary issues in the higher education sector, including:

  • Current level of higher education funding and its impact on the quality of education
  • Recommendations to the University on improving the quality of education
  • Impact of COVID-19 lockdowns and border closures on student health/ wellbeing and academic attainment.
Tuesday 25 May 2021 – International Students

The first Town Hall discussion for 2021 considered issues faced by international students. Discussion topics included:

  • Issues that offshore students are facing
  • Quality of education for international students
  • Emotional and wellbeing support/connections for international students
  • Employability issues that international students are facing.
Thursday 15 October 2020 – Transition to Work for International Students #2

The second transition to work for international students session addressed the issues and challenges that were raised in the first session. The three key issues addressed were: information navigation, financial stability, and articulating value.

Thursday 22 October 2020 – Access and Equity in Higher Education

This session provided an overview of GSA’s recent advocacy, and gave graduates the opportunity to provide ideas and solutions to a variety of issues. These included challenges facing coursework and research students, international students, student parents, and general student wellbeing. There was also an opportunity to discuss recommendations to help further address access and equity issues within higher education.

Thanks to all who made time to attend the Town Hall on Access and Equity in Higher Education. Please find a summary of the session as well as an overview of GSA’s advocacy campaigns for the semester. We look forward to continuing the discussion soon!