How GSA is governed

GSA is governed by a Council of 15 elected graduate students, who act as our board.

The role of Council is to determine GSA’s position on issues affecting graduate students at University, government and community levels, and to make strategic decisions about how GSA operates and spends its funding.

Several members of GSA Council are also Office Bearers. This means they look after the needs of particular groups of students, such as LGBTIQ+ students, women students and students with families.

GSA holds elections annually. Any enrolled graduate student at the University of Melbourne is eligible to nominate (stand) and vote in GSA elections.

Read our electoral regulations  Read our constitution


The 2018 GSA Council election voting period has concluded.

  • Voting closed as of 10am Friday 11 May.
  • Provisional results have been announced by the Returning Officer as of Tuesday 15 May. Final results will be confirmed and announced pending the approval of the electoral tribunal.
  • Should you have any questions about the elections or the process undertaken, please contact Returning Officer Stephen Luntz:

    Thank you to everyone who voted.

View provisional results  Read more about being a GSA Councillor


Meet your current Council


Vice President

General Secretary

Activities Officer

Kezhan (Jessica) Zhang

Women's Officer

International Officer


(CO-) LGBTIQ Officer

Health & Welfare Officer

Education & research officer

Families Officer


Yali Zhao


Smriti Ghimire