Stances and issues

GSA develops policies on issues that affect graduate students.

Supporting Climate Strike on 20 September 2019

GSA endorses the September 20th general Climate Strike and advocates that the University of Melbourne release graduate students and staff from work and study in order to attend the climate strike.

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Law School Seminar Recordings

GSA calls on the Melbourne Law School to revise its policy around students’ access to recordings of seminars.

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Conversion of student start-up scholarships to loans

GSA condemns federal legislation that has moved to convert Student Start-up Scholarships to loans.

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Professional editors for RHD theses

GSA supports the University of Melbourne’s current policy which precludes the use of professional editors for research theses in all but exceptional cases.

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Public transport concessions for graduate students

GSA believes that all full-time Victorian graduate students should have access to student public transport concessions.

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RHD timely completion

GSA recognises the importance of timely completion for Research Higher Degree (RHD)
students at the University of Melbourne. However, measures to increase the percentage of
timely completion should focus wholly or mainly on initiatives that support RHD students
toward completion.

Study spaces for graduate students

GSA asserts that the University has a responsibility to ensure that all students have adequate and appropriate study spaces, and to monitor and enforce provision of study spaces in faculties and graduate schools.

Supporting Respect. Now. Always.

GSA supports the Respect. Now. Always. campaign, founded by Universities Australia and endorsed by the University of Melbourne, intended to prevent and address sexual assault and harassment among university students and staff.

Supporting Safe Schools

GSA is an official supporter of the Safe Schools Coalition Australia, and values their work in making schools safer for young LGBTIQ+ people.

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