Monday 15th June 2020 

This week is Refugee Week, so we would like to pay the utmost of respect to the outstanding impact of refugees to our culture.

Rachna talks about the importance of Refugee Week, to acknowledge and recognise our national debt to refugees (1:16). Rachna welcomes Shegofa Rahimi (5:00), to talk about her journey. (6:17) Rachna asks Shegofa to reflect on her refugee experiences (9:15), her work as an aspiring artist (12:45) and the importance of being part of the community in Dandenong (17:14)

We then welcome GSA Council Member Tessa Gould (22:26) who talks about her experiences with the GSA (23:41), the journey of learning about the governance opportunities at GSA (28:50) and the passion she has for advocacy work (33:50)

Shegofa’s virtual art exhibition, Infinity, can be accessed here

Download the catalogue here