Join GSA CEO Rachna Muddagouni, GSA President Emily Roberts and GSA General Secretary Madeleine Johnson for a run-through of what the GSA Constitutional Amendments mean for the GSA broadly as an organisation.

The issues discussed are as follows

Why the GSA Constitution will be amended (2:42)
Underlining GSA’s Purpose and Values (10:58)
How membership at the GSA will work under the new constitution (11:41)
Declaring that the GSA, as a progressive organisation will ensure that at least 50% of GSA Boards are women. (13:30)
There is clarification about the GSA Board (14:00), the introduction of a Representative Council (16:38), and the Introduction of a Faculty Council. (19:55)
GSA General Secretary Madeleine Johnson talks about the strengthening of the Discipline and Grieving Policy (25:12), and GSA President Emily Roberts explains how honorarium can continue for members (25:35)

If you are an enrolled graduate please register to attend our AGM and Special General Meeting, to be held on Thursday 5 June 2020 (32:20)

GSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020

Proposed Changes to the GSA Constitution

Proposed changes to GSA Constitution (2020)