Xiangyu (Brian) Su

International Officer


Hello everyone! My name is Xiangyu (Brian) Su, and I’m a second-year student enrolled in Master of Information Systems and the International Officer.

The theme of my campaign is “Bridge the Gap”. As a student who took online classes for about a year and just arrived in Melbourne three months ago, I feel that there are different types of gaps in our community. For example, I would like to help improve communication between students and faculties, to ensure a smooth transition from online classes to face-to-face lessons. Furthermore, I believe we can better integrate international students into the campus, as well as the broader UoM community.

I’m a huge sports fanatic and used to be a student-athlete in track and field. I love football, hiking, ultimate frisbee, etc. As an undergraduate, I previously served as the president of my college’s sports department. Through sports, I have developed a strong sense of leadership and an ability to collaborate and work together as a team.