William Kabira

Board Member


Hi, I’m Will, a Master of Management (Accounting) student and current member of the GSA Council. I’m running for a position on the GSA Board with Together, a group of experienced individuals who are passionate about student representation. I’ve been involved in student leadership within residential colleges where I advocated for improved responses to sa/sh and established representation for international students and LGBTQI+ collegians. I currently work as the Director of Finance for a youth-run international development organisation that seeks to empower young people and advocate for a more just world. This year, as an executive councillor for GSA, I’ve conferred my experience to the finance and risk management functions on the council, advocated for a holistic approach to student engagement and engaged with cohorts to understand the needs of graduate students. I’m running for the GSA Board to continue supporting the needs of graduate students, many of whom still face the challenges highlighted during the pandemic- financial insecurity, social isolation and a disconnect from university classes. I believe that my leadership, experience and compassion would be an asset to the board. Please Vote 1 for me for the GSA Board and Vote 1 for Together: Progressive, Inclusive, Accountable.