Serena Raza

Families Officer

My name is Serena Shehrbano Raza, I am a student of the Graduate Certificate in Journalism (Advanced) at the School of Culture and Communication, and I am running for the position of Families Officer in the GSA Representative Council. As a mother of two young children, one of whom has additional needs and chronic health issues, I understand the immense challenges that students with familial responsibilities face. I have completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, as well as a number of postgraduate courses, simultaneously to caring for a baby and a child. I am passionate about empowering parents to pursue further education and to support them in doing so. In my role at GSA as a Families Officer, I will actively seek to advocate for student-parents to access opportunities and to be awarded the flexibility and inclusion that is necessary to balance the equally demanding roles of being both a student and a parent. I recognise the importance of student-parents’ mental health and wellbeing and would ensure that the needs of student-parents are met both on- and off-campus. I would also organise social events for student-parents and their families to create a greater sense of community here at the university. Vote 1 for Serena Shehrbano Raza as the GSA Families Officer.