Saeid Charani Shandiz

Environment and Sustainability Officer

Hi, my name is Saeid Charani, I am a third year PhD candidate at the Department of Infrastructure Engineering; my research is focused on energy master planning of resilient net zero emission communities. I am running with Together, a group of dedicated candidates, for the GSA Environment and Sustainability Officer. I have represented graduate students on the University of Melbourne Sustainability Executive Committee since 2019 and proactively advocated for sustainability inclusion in the governance and operation of the University. I am passionate about sustainable development, and being involved in collaborations which are geared toward solving climate change is a role I consider very important during our current age of declining resources. In my role at GSA as a student representative, I will continue my endeavours on sustainability awareness and collective action at various scales, both bottom-up and top-down, for a broader and more effective impact. Vote 1 for me as the GSA Environment and Sustainability Officer, and Vote 1 for Together: Progressive. Inclusive. Accountable.