Ruby Gardner-Russell

Activities Officer

My name is Ruby Gardner-Russell and am studying a Master of Teaching secondary and am running for GSA Activities Officer with Together, a group of experienced candidates focused on diversity, inclusivity and representation. I am passionate and dedicated to student advocacy and developing and supporting student academic, social and personal wellbeing engagement. This past year, I was privileged to be the GSA Health and Welfare officer, where I worked on supporting students by listening to students’ needs and promoting student connectedness and wellbeing, particularly through the new GSA art classes. I have been the GSA representative on the Student Wellbeing Reference Group directed by chancellery, where I advocated for health and wellbeing concerns of graduate students, with a focus on the impacts of COVID19, for both domestic and international students. As an emerging teacher, student voice, learning, community and welfare is a key priority, which extends to my enthusiasm towards working with GSA and UoM graduates. I have extensive experience through my role as an RMIT Club president, where I coordinated and collaborated with various students and stakeholders to run successful fundraising and student events. Vote 1 for me as Activities Officer. Progressive, Inclusive, Accountable: Vote 1 Together for GSA