Ridah Hassan

Women’s Officer

I’m a Masters of Teaching student, and I’m running for Women’s Officer with Left Action. As a student activist, I have helped organise pro-choice protests, stood on picket lines in support of women unionists fighting for their rights at work, and marched in support of marriage equality, refugee rights, equal pay, and BLM. In 2014, I was Education Officer in the Sydney Uni student union, and helped coordinate a huge campaign which stopped the Abbott government’s plans to introduce a US-style education system & charge $100k for degrees. I’m an active unionist, and support the NTEU on campus in their campaigns to defend jobs, wages, conditions and oppose outsourcing. We have a conservative government in power, full of misogynist pigs. Education is getting more and more expensive while welfare payments are being cut, disproportionately affecting women, as well as LGBTI+, Indigenous, migrant, and international student communities. Women on average will earn $2600 less than the men graduating from the same courses, and the national gender pay gap is 14%. Sexism and inequality is everywhere. Myself and Left Action candidates want to bring our experience & energy into the GSA to encourage students to get organised and fight back.