Radhia Abdirahman Health and Welfare Officer

Hi everyone! My name is Radhia Abdirahman, a first-year Master of Public Policy and Management student from Kansas, USA. Service was an integral part of my undergraduate experience and considerably influenced my future goals. I was the Executive Director of the Center for Community Outreach (CCO), an on-campus service, education, and advocacy-based 501c nonprofit that offers volunteer opportunities to students. Therein I engaged with students personally and professionally, cultivating their skills to enable them to be active citizens, better volunteers, and leaders. I was also heavily involved with the University Honors Program, where I focused on addressing systemic issues and developing its social justice and racial equity programming titled Common Cause: An Honors Series on Social Justice and Racial Equity. These are among some instances during my undergraduate experience where I was able to get involved in the greater campus community. I learned from my peers, challenged the administration, and developed policies to better serve students. Serving on the GSA at the University of Melbourne will enable me to continue my campus-based advocacy at this institution. I look forward to connecting with other graduate students to develop policies and initiatives that are meaningful, engaging, and impactful.

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