Nirmala Rao Dhanawada

I am an international graduate coursework student who is committed to creating new opportunities for graduate students within the university and who can strongly voice concerns of the graduate students. More than ever before in GSA’s history, the 2021 General Election holds greater significance. GSA now requires a voice to advocate for international graduate students who are unable to attend the university and comprehend their difficulties in entering virtual learning environments and provide guidance and support at every stage for the graduate student. My goal is to promote collaboration with enterprises and research centers and to provide the very first opportunity that every other graduate student is looking for.  This position is important to me. Through my involvement, I will in turn help the Graduate Student Association and the University align to the strategic goals of the graduate students. And a little sense of fulfillment for being able to deliver what I always aspired GSA to be.  GSA is the heart of the graduate student life. And now it is time for the GSA to create a solid foundation under which the life of the students may stand.