Monica Sestito

Education (Research) Officer

IÕm Monica, an activist and graduate researcher in the School of Languages and Linguistics. IÕm running for Education (Research) Officer on the Left Action ticket to fight for a university that works for students and staff – not profit. As the current Research Officer, IÕve thrown myself into building campaigns for studentsÕ rights and democracy. IÕve led the campaign against the Robert Menzies Institute, the partisan research centre set up by the hard right of the Liberal Party in the heart of our campus and embraced by university management behind our backs. IÕve pushed for greater COVID safety on our campus. And IÕve fought for greater transparency within student-led organisations like GSA. Graduate researchers continue to be held back by myriad barriers: from wage theft, job insecurity, and underpayment, to inflexible milestones and inadequate financial support. As the government drives down public funding for higher education, university management is choosing to squeeze our conditions of work and study to keep profits flowing. Student organisations have both the responsibility and capacity to organise resistance to the corporate university. If elected, I will use my position to build and support grassroots campaigns that fight for the rights and dignity of staff and students.