Matthew Harper-Gomm

Vice President

My name is Matthew Harper-Gomm and I’m a second year Juris Doctor student running for GSA Board with Together! I was extremely privileged to have been elected on the previous GSA Council, and with such enormous changes happening in the way GSA runs this year I am excited to hopefully continue my involvement and see GSA continue to grow and succeed, building on our achievements from last year and leveraging our experience against the challenges facing graduate students in a post-COVID university. My previous experience includes being a general representative on UMSU’s Students’ Council, and I’ve also had extensive involvement with various student clubs and societies committees. This has given me exposure to an incredibly broad range of student voices and experiences, which is crucial to informed and effective representation. My goals for the year ahead include ensuring that the new governance model at GSA operates to improve student engagement and democracy, increasing GSA interaction with all parts of the graduate community, and advocating for students on the issues most important to us in a post-COVID setting, especially around subject cuts, quality of teaching and learning, and whatever other challenges may arise! Vote [1] Together – Progressive. Inclusive. Accountable.