Lynton Gunn

I’m Lynton, a second year Master of Criminology student, and current member of the GSA Council. I’m running for a position on the GSA Board with Together, a group of experienced candidates who are passionate about student representation. I’ve been involved with the GSA since starting my degree. I represent Arts graduate students as a member of the Faculty of Arts Education and Students Committee. I’ve been a panel member on University misconduct hearings, ensuring that students accused of misconduct receive a fair hearing from the University. On the GSA Council, I work to ensure the effective and ethical management of the GSA, so that we can continue to offer a range of programs to support and enrich the graduate student experience. I work full-time outside of the University, and I’ve returned to graduate study part-time to enhance my professional skills in my career. It’s important that the GSA Board represents the diversity of the graduate community, including students working full-time, or returning to study after a break from undergraduate studies. Please Vote 1 for Lynton for the GSA Board, and then vote for the other Together candidates. In the Representative Council ballots, Vote 1 for Together: Progressive, Inclusive, Accountable.