Lia Fernanda Grimmer Perez

Health and Welfare Officer

I’m Lia, a Master of Construction Management student and am running for Health and Welfare Officer as a part of Together, candidates focused on diversity and inclusivity in representation. I’m passionate about standing for students’ rights particularly when it comes to supporting student wellbeing and advocating for students with short and long term health issues. As a student juggling chronic illness and study, I understand the importance of maintaining wellbeing, the difficulties that can be faced when poor health interferes with studies and the impact support from an organisation like the GSA can make. Be that through creating events that encourage healthy bodies and minds, providing support in accessing health services and university resources or advocating for students facing long or short-term health conditions and disabilities. In working on the GSA Council I have particularly valued the opportunity to to discuss future changes to current student equity and disability services with the university and to participate in university working groups such as the Mental Health Advisory Group. I have the experience, understanding and passion to represent the student community in this role, so please vote 1 Lia Fernanda for Health and Welfare Officer and vote 1 Together – Progressive. Inclusive. Accountable.