Lachlan Phipps

Environmental & Sustainability Officer

Hi there! I’m Lachlan (he/him), and I’m excited to be throwing my hat in the ring to be the new Environment and Sustainability Officer at the GSA. I believe universities have a unique role in dealing with climate change, as centres for both grassroots environmental initiatives and as nexuses for research into technologies and policies that will help us deal with climate change on the macro level. If elected, I seek to would ensure sustainability is at the centre of all the GSAÕs activities. I would push for the creation and expansion of sustainability practices at the university level. I would find avenues to collaborate with other universities in Victoria to ensure the highest standard of campus sustainability across the state. And finally, I would set up GSA events to bring together students from across all faculties of the University, to discuss issue areas within sustainability, with a focus on the research being done at the graduate level. I’d be honoured to be a part of developing student-led climate policy that can lead to real, global change. Vote[1] Together for a GSA focused on Genuine representation, Sustainable governance and an Accessible university experience. Vote[1] for Bringing Students Together!