Junyi Johnny Zheng

Hi everyone! My name is Junyi Johnny Zheng (he/him/his). I am a second year Master of Information Systems student, and I am running with Together for the Board Member position. During my term of office as a current GSA Board Member, I have familiarised myself with the governance responsibilities of the role and have been an active member of the Finance Risk Audit Compliance Committee and International Student Working Group. Together with other Board Members, Representative Council Members, and the wonderful staff of GSA, I contributed to 2022 GSA Orientation and multiple advocacy projects from planning through delivery. I envision GSA to be the peak student body to advocate for equity, welfare and accessibility for all graduate students. I am hoping to ensure the sustainability of the organisation and our policy and advocacy work through a streamlined governance outcome. I aim to promote the collaboration among Grad Groups, RC members and FC members to deliver a university experience that can be easily accessed and enjoyed by every graduate student. I am also passionate about engaging more student-led discussions with university stakeholders to amplify student voice and needs. Vote Together for a GSA focussed on Genuine representation, Sustainable governance and an Accessible university experience. Vote[1] for Bringing Students Together!

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