Jeremy O’Keeffe

Hello, I’m Jeremy (he/him). I believe that the Queer officer provides essential advocacy for a student minority. The Queer community on campus is an incredibly diverse kaleidoscope. While a diverse group, Queer solidarity is unimpeachable, and with fervour I cannot pass up the opportunity represent Queer graduate students.

The pandemic has seen classes and social life at university slashed, and this must be restored. The University showed how quick and keen they were to remove classes and access to facilities. When the time came to restore services and classes, the faculty ignored our needs. I believe in securing solutions, and pragmatism via a loud and informed style of advocacy. My time as a warehouse unionist and safety representative taught me this. I have spearheaded campaigns in traditional union realms and psychosocial safety.

As the workplaces first elected safety representative, I was thrown into the deep end to quash a culture of sexual harassment. With due sensitivity, we secured major process changes and many complaints were re-investigated. This is the fervour I will bring to the role of your Queer representative.