Jeff Reynolds

As student with disabilities myself, and former practicing lawyer for many years, with a strong human rights and civil rights, health, anti-discrimination and pro-equity record my entire life, I seek a position either on the General GSA Board and/or on the GSA Representative Council (Disability and Equity Officer) to ensure greater access for ALL graduate students to combat all forms of inequities and inequalities and to work with all student groups, SEDS, Central Administration, the various Facilities and Schools to try and address their continued subtle, direct and unconscious forms of inequity/inequality and discrimination and mishandling and misunderstanding of the diverse group of our student populations’ needs, funding needs, and in regards to disabilities, the various types of disabilities and that they need greater flexibility and greater student consultations and input from all students from all cohorts of diverse students to ensure everyones’ needs are met as close to possible. I will bring my promotion, advocacy, policy, legal, and networking skills to listen to all of your concerns and do my best to not only represent them but also bring change to regulations and policies that will leave you all better off within your experience at the University of Melbourne.

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