Jean Luan Yong

Environment & Sustainability Officer

I wish to continue the work I have been working on as the 2021 Environmental and Sustainability Officer. This includes the “Divest Now!” campaign in advocating for UoM to divest their investment profile from fossil fuels; creating a safe platform for students to freely discuss environment and sustainability with their peers, academics, and professions through events like the upcoming Sustainability Movie Night on 4th May 2022.

I also wish to keep connecting the groups out there that are doing fabulous work and raising awareness amongst the student, like yourselves, of what the UoM community can offer and how you can get yourselves involved in the sustainability movement. There are a lot of amazing works done by individuals and it is now time to bring them together and work collectively. I want to be the bridge for you and use this opportunity to become a pivot point for your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle – whether you want some guidance or a safe platform to share your innovation.