Emma Dook

Health and Welfare Officer

I’m a Master of Social Work student and running for GSA Health & Welfare Officer on the Left Action ticket. I’m an experienced activist. As Women’s officer with the GSA in 2014 I helped to organise campaigns against the Abbott government’s attacks on women and higher education. I’ve organised campaigns for LGBTQIA rights and for refugee rights, and am currently active with the Tamil Refugee Council. I’m a proud unionist, and as an ESL teacher have been an active delegate with the IEU. I stand in solidarity with the NTEU staff on campus fighting wage cuts and redundancies. The COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis has shown where our governments and university managements’ priorities lie – with profit making over our health and welfare. These policies have hit women, LBGTIQA people and people of colour especially hard. International students are treated like cash cows, but received zero support when COVID hit, and have to deal with visa restrictions on their rights to work. I want to campaign to make sure that students’ health and welfare come first. As part of the Left Action ticket, I want to make the GSA an activist body that involves students in campaigns for our health and welfare.