Emily De Wind



Hi there! My name is Emily (she/her) and I’m the current Vice-President and a Doctor of Physiotherapy student running for the GSA Board with Together, a group of experienced candidates focused on diversity and inclusivity in representation. As VP, I’ve worked with my fellow Councillors to advocate for students needs throughout the tumultuous year that was 2020. I’ve done so via my role as inaugural chair of the Higher Education Advocacy Committee whilst taking a leading position in developing the collaboration between grad groups and GSA. I’m motivated to foster accessibility to education and services for all students and improve opportunities for engagement and professional development for Graduate students. I will advocate for you by listening with empathy to ensure student voices remain the core of GSAs work. I understand the governance systems required for an effective board and will continue to be a diligent board member to ensure GSA is accountable to its students. I’m hoping to continue to build on GSAs achievements while helping to enable a smooth transition to the new governance structure at this critical point in time. Please Vote 1 for me for the GSA Board and Vote 1 for Together: Progressive, Inclusive, Accountable.