Brendan Laws

Education (Coursework) Officer

I’m Brendan, an activist, unionist and teacher candidate at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. I’m running for Education (Coursework) Officer on the Left Action ticket to fight for a university that represents the interests of students and staff. In my time as the GSA Coursework Officer, I’ve spearheaded campaigns for student democracy. I’m a founder of the campaign against the Robert Menzies Institute, the partisan research centre set up by the hard-right Liberals in the heart of our campus, and have fought against cuts and privatisation to education alongside greater health and safety support during the pandemic. Coursework students face increasing challenges as we’re squeezed by inflation and cuts to services while our university worries more about placating conservative interests than it does about meeting student needs. ItÕs time to build a movement to win the university we deserve. I’ve spent my year in the GSA fighting for the rights of graduate students and building campaigns for greater democracy and transparency in difficult conditions. If elected I plan to use my experience of over a decade of student, community and union organisation to continue building this fight and supporting all the graduate students fighting for a better university.