Bram Servais

International Officer

Bonjour! Allokes! I’m Bram Servais (he/him/his), a first-year PhD student running with Together for the position of International Officer. Having arrived a few months ago from Belgium, I went through a lot of COVID and financial troubles like many other international students.  As a leader within the Bioscience Engineering Student Association at KU Leuven, I got to know what it’s like to sustainably organize students. Strong and diverse grad groups supporting students of different backgrounds. The university is stronger when we bring a bit of our home to Melbourne and the city becomes a home for us. Because of my mental health volunteering, there is no doubt for me that good mental health is crucial for succeeding at the University of Melbourne. Career opportunities and a helping hand during (financial) hardship are additional foundations for student excellence. As your International Officer, I want to represent our valuable international student community as the diverse, motivated, and hard-working group we are. A vote for me is a vote for an office that welcomes you. Whoever and wherever you are.  Vote[1] Together for a GSA focussed on Genuine representation, Sustainable governance and an Accessible university experience. Vote[1] for Bringing Students Together!