Benjamin Cronshaw

Health & Welfare Officer

Health and Welfare Officer Hey, I am Benjamin! I am passionate about advocating for student wellbeing and for all students to have a safe and positive experience at Unimelb. I am currently studying a Masters of Public Policy and Management. This includes looking at many of the issues we face in society, and how we can develop better policies to address them. The challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing and necessitates that we take adequate measures to ensure that people are protected and feel safe on campus. There are a range of issues that impact on the health and wellbeing of students, including study pressure, financial stress, housing stress, and harassment. I have been involved in the discussions around some of these issues as a member of the GSA Faculty Council. As your Health and Welfare Officer, I promise to be open and empathetic to any of your concerns. I would also work hard to develop better policies for student health and for students to get the support they need.