Abigail Van Der Zwan

Women's Officer


My name is Abigail (she/her) and I’m thrilled to be the Women’s Representative. My experiences as a Master of Science (Epidemiology) student and an Epidemiologist in the COVID-19 response have demonstrated the importance of advocating for strong public health policy, and I endeavour to continue advocating for improvements in Women’s health.

Recent NSSS-Survey results highlight the epidemic of sexual assault and harassment on university campuses, therefore it’s more important than ever that we have strong student led advocates to push the university in implementing policies to keep women safe on campus. I believe my professional public health experience and work in student clubs position me as a strong advocate for Women’s health and safety, who is willing to speak up and push for real change for all women and non-binary people.

Furthermore, an intersectional feminist approach will be at the forefront of my advocacy to ensure that women of all backgrounds and identities have their voices heard. I want to pressure the university to implement strong safe-on-placement policies, and facilitate a university culture which steadfastly challenges systematic sexism.