Thursday 27th August 2020

As part of GSA’s work representing and advocating for the diverse student population at the University of Melbourne, the GSA has conducted research to understand and improve the educational experiences of graduate student parents.

Parents on Campus highlighted factors that hinder the academic success and sense of belonging at the University for student parents, including:

  • The failure of the University to adequately accommodate the caring responsibilities of students through a family friendly environment in terms of support, facilities, physical space and culture
  • Failing to represent student parents in dedicated policies
  • The inaccessibility of University childcare due to cost and inflexibility
  • The sense of invisibility and alienation student parents experience as a result of these factors.

This report informs recommendations for improving the student parent experience for the University, the Federal Government and within GSA.
Recommendations to the University include:

  • Ensure University policies align with student parent needs and are implemented appropriately
  • Increase access to University childcare
  • Make facilities, supports and physical spaces more ‘family-friendly’.

GSA continues to advocate to the University for change to improve the experience of all students.

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