Law Faculty Nominee:

I am excited about serving as a liaison between law school, the GSA board, and the many areas of representative councils in order to represent law school graduates for conveying their voices at better policy work and service delivery. Because the law school master’s program is only one year long, students place a high value on academic accomplishment. As a result, they are more likely to convey their voice or receive GSA information late. This is why I want to aid and represent my faculty students.

Second, I will also effectively advocate for law school graduate students about their opportunities at GSA.

Third, I would like to work with other faculty councils, representative councils, and board members to ensure that GSA operates best for all students. In addition, as a lawyer, I may contribute to the GSA’s policy development and modifications. Lastly, I can devote my complete attention and time to this mission. It is an honour to me. Thank you.