On 25 May 2018, the University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association held its 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

At the meeting, the financials for the calendar year 2017 were passed, and the 2017 Annual Report was released. You can read the report here:

Annual Report for 2017

At the AGM, the President, General Secretary and Office Bearers provided reports, updating members on initiatives and activities undertaken over the past 12 months, including:

  • An 85 per cent increase in student engagement and a 5 per cent increase in net promoter score during the calendar year 2017,
  • Some incredible achievements in our public-facing campaigns, including the work done on Respect. Now. Always., Fares Fair PTV and the Research Higher Degrees campaign,
  • Innovative new developments in our programs and events offering, including rebranding Mind The Gap, and the launch of our Warm Winter Welcome and Septemberfest,
  • And a large-number of events organised by Office Bearers, including Women’s Health Day, Mental Health Day, Wear It Purple Day and International Friendshipping Day.

GSA Council and staff celebrate Wear It Purple Day 2017.

Ordinarily, the AGM marks the handover between the previous and newly elected GSA Councils. However, in this instance the results of the GSA 2018 elections are yet to be confirmed as an appeal has been lodged with the Electoral Tribunal.

As such, the 2017-2018 Council will remain in place until such a time as the results of the recent elections are confirmed.

The timing of the GSA AGM is stipulated in Regulation 39.2 of the GSA Electoral Regulations explicitly sets the date of the AGM. Neither our constitution nor the Electoral Regulations contain a provision permitting the date of the AGM to be changed because of a delay in the confirmation of the new Council.

As no member of the current Council moved a motion requesting the date be changed, the AGM went ahead today as normal, despite the delays in confirming the new Council.

If you wish to contact the Returning Officer regarding this matter, you can do so here: sluntz@abovequota.com.au