New 2019 GSA Office Bearers and President

On 31 May 2019, the newly confirmed GSA Council met to elect its President and Office Bearers.

  • The position of GSA President is now held by Emily Roberts (previously General Secretary of GSA Council).
  • Vice President is Tangshuang (Ida) Qin, and the role of General Secretary now sits with Madeleine Johnson.
  • GSA’s Executive Committee, which deals with finance and risk among other matters, always includes the above three positions. The remaining three members of the Executive are Mitch Vanderwerdt-Holman, Vinu Gunetilleke and Lubna Meempatta.

Several members of GSA Council are also Office Bearers. This means they look after the needs of particular groups of students, such as LGBTIQ+ students, women students and students with families.

Office Bearer positions are as follows:

  • Activities Officer: Vinu Geesara Gunetilleke
  • Education and Research Officer: Fia Hamid-Walker
  • Families Officer: Lubna Meempatta
  • Health and Wellbeing Officer: Xiangqi (Tracy) Zheng
  • International Officer: Ying Hu
  • Women’s Officer: Tessa Gould
  • LGBTIQ Officer [nominations pending]: The position of LGBTIQ Officer is still in the process of being filled. More information will be available soon.

Remaining Council members are Eric Liu, Katherine Wang, Zimo Wang, Qi Xu, and Yali Zhao.

Get involved with Working Groups

Working Groups allow graduate students to get involved with Council’s work. Through a Working Group, you can directly recommend policy updates and events to GSA Council.

Working Groups are currently established for Fares Fair PTV, Research Higher Degrees and LGBTIQ. You can find out more and get involved here.

Get in touch with Council

GSA Council are here to represent you and to work on the issues that matter most to graduate students.

If you have issues or suggestions you would like to discuss, their contact details are available here.