Board Member, International Student Officer and Faculty of Arts Nominee:

As an Indonesian graduate student pursuing a Master of Development Studies, a married woman who is pursuing her dream, and a co-founder of an NGO focused on youth empowerment in Indonesia, I am dedicated to representing graduate students on the GSA Board.With my background in youth empowerment and active involvement in international youth organization during my bachelor’s, I bring a diverse perspective.

My policy priorities include:
– Nurturing social entrepreneurship skills among graduates: I will advocate for initiatives supporting entrepreneurial development, mentorship, and resources for graduates to launch socially impactful ventures.
– Focusing on international students’ mental health: I will work to implement tailored support services, including counseling and peer networks, addressing the unique challenges international students face.
– Publishing and recognizing the achievements of GSA members: I believe in celebrating our members’ successes through publications, awards, and recognition ceremonies, fostering a culture of appreciation.

Through these priorities, I aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all graduate students. I’m committed to working collaboratively to advance these initiatives and ensure that the voices and needs of graduate students are heard and addressed within the Association.