Families Officer Nominee:

Family officer: Throughout my academic journey, I have witnessed the challenges faced by graduate student parents in balancing academic pursuits with family responsibilities. These include navigating childcare arrangements, managing time effectively, and advocating for policies that accommodate their unique needs. As a fellow graduate student and parent myself, I understand the importance of providing dedicated representation and support to address these issues.

If elected as the Family Officer, I am committed to:

• Create a “Graduate Student Parent’s Guide” booklet that includes information on child care, health services, academic resources, and campus support available for graduate student parents.

• Organize monthly “Parent’s Catch-up” events tailored to meet the specific needs of graduate student parents.

• Launch the “Higher Together” campaign aimed at providing support for affordable childcare options and flexible academic environments for graduate student parents.

• Collaborating with university administration, faculty, and relevant stakeholders under the initiative “Enhancing Family-Friendly University Culture”. This includes providing training for faculty on how they can better support graduate students who are also parents through surveys; identifying gaps in current provisions; and implementing necessary changes.

My experiences have given me the skills to serve and represent interests faithfully.