Message from GSA President on WAM

Jeremy Waite, 2020–2021 GSA President

Tuesday 04 July 2020

Yesterday GSA again raised the importance of extending the no-disadvantage WAM policy for Winter and Semester 2 subjects at a meeting with the Deputy Vice Chancellor, UMSU and UMSU International. The University has stated that it has been undertaking a review of the data from Semester 1 before making a decision. However we made it clear to the University that they need to be considering the circumstances students now are under the newly announced State of Disaster, rather than the circumstances students were facing in Semester 1.

We have been advised by the University that there will be further updates on this shortly and GSA will keep you updated on any further developments.

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Please ensure you take the time and provide us the information on this important campaign.

Thank you to UMSU and UMSU International supporting this important work.

Contact me on if you want to have a further discussion.