Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Faculty Nominee:

As the faculty representative of our faculty in the Graduate Students Association, my policy statement for the MDHS Graduate Students shall focus on these four main areas:


1. Maintaining good relationships – We shall bridge any gaps in communications between the students and the association through participation in GSA meetings.

2. Delivery of programs and strengthened involvements – We shall engage post graduate students to participate in GSA initiated programs in order for them to get the best from their university life.

3. Helping students with grievance mechanisms – We shall continue to be the voice of MDHS in airing out any concerns in the university.

4. Serving the best interest of the MDHS Students – In every step, we shall ensure that the opinions of post graduate MDHS students are heard and properly addressed.

#MDHS4PostGradStudents – this is my platform as one of the faculty representatives of the Graduate Student Association of the University of Melbourne.