GSA’s governance and funding

Emily Roberts, 2019 GSA President
Thursday 26 September 2019

In response to a recent media article, GSA wants to reiterate our commitment to transparency and communication with our 36,000+ graduate student constituents.

GSA is an incorporated association, with a current annual income of nearly $3 million, that represents and serves all graduate students at the University of Melbourne. GSA offers a range of services – representing graduate student interests to the University and wider community, delivering high-quality events and activities, facilitating a 24-hour space for graduate students to study, and providing funding and support for over 130 affiliated Grad Groups.

As per our constitution, GSA is governed by an elected volunteer council of 15 graduate students. Our councillors are GSA’s board of directors and take full responsibility for the organisation’s strategy, performance and compliance with legislation. In recognition of the time and effort our councillors put into governing GSA, and the responsibility they carry, GSA provides them with honoraria – as determined by our policy.

All of GSA’s councillors have clear accountabilities and deliverables that they are expected to meet in their roles, and GSA’s financial accounts are audited every year by independently auditors

GSA’s audited accounts are publicly available on our website. GSA endeavors to ensure we are accountable and transparent and any further information can be requested from the organisation at any time.

Emily Roberts
GSA President

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