GSA Media Release 06020202Aa


The Graduate Student Association at the University of Melbourne is committed to protecting and enhancing the safety, health and wellbeing of all graduate students. GSA has a particular interest in ensuring our international students are supported in all aspects of their physical and emotional wellness.

GSA is closely monitoring the University of Melbourne’s response to the 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak and respects the expertise of the University and the quality of advice it relies upon (including Federal and State Chief Medical Officers, World Health Organization) in determining a measured response and providing ongoing advice and support to students and staff in sustaining a safe and healthy environment.

GSA condemns any and all racist actions resulting from this coronavirus outbreak in the strongest terms. We deplore the emergence of xenophobia based on misinformation and reaffirm GSA’s solidarity with our Chinese community.

“We refuse to allow the coronavirus outbreak to enable a fake narrative resulting in vilification of graduate students of Chinese origin”, stated GSA Councillor and International Officer, Ying Hu. “Now is the time for unified support to the victims of this global health emergency, not for xenophobia directed at a vulnerable minority.”