Media release: Another positive action – to build stronger LGBTIQ+ communities!

Monday 8th February 2021

GSA celebrates the passage of The Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practises Prohibition Bill through the Victorian Parliament. The bill will effectively criminalise any attempt to change or suppress any person’s sexuality or gender identity in Victoria once formally enacted into law.

“This bill finally asserts what we have always known: that every single LGBTIQ+ person and their identity is valid; it also finally protects our community from these archaic, pseudoscientific forms of persecution”, says GSA President Jeremy Waite

This is an incredibly important moment for LGBTIQ+ Victorians, acknowledging the trauma and shame so-called conversion “practices” have caused to LGBTIQ+ people throughout history even in present-day Australia. GSA strongly condemns all parties who opposed this bill under transphobic or “free speech” pretences.

GSA LGBTIQ+ Officer Isadora Reynolds says – “Forcing people to undergo conversion therapy is in my opinion denying LGBTIQ+ people identities, fundamentally stripping human beings of their dignity -inflicting immense pain. These are strong human right violations.

Let us hope that the rest of Australia, and the world, follows in Victoria’s footsteps and ends conversion practices once and for all. This is truly a landmark victory in the fight for LGBTIQ+ equality,”

As always, GSA stands with LGBTIQ+ graduates and communities against all forms of persecution and inequality and celebrates this important milestone for the community.

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