Board Member Nominee:

As a potential Member of the Board of the Graduate Students Association, I believe that my background in being a public sector human resource and organizational development practitioner and gender and development advocate in my country for over twenty years will contribute to the goals of the GSA through ably providing concrete platforms for access to and safe spaces for graduate students to air out their welfare and well-being concerns. 

Creating and nurturing avenues and opportunities for Graduate Students to be able to give back to communities and be able to practice instituting changes in their spheres of influence is also an aspiration that I hope to realize through being a member of the GSA Board.

As an advocate of disability rights and being a parent advocate of the same as well, I also commit to promoting disability rights on campus to promote and practice inclusivity and build/sustain/nurture equity practices and principles for each individual to be empowered and make a difference in the student and larger community.