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Note: for paid bookings, the details provided in this form will be used for the invoice.

GSA Room Booking form
Please enter a physical address for invoice purposes for paid bookings.

Hire rates:

Study-related bookings for current graduate students are free, and only based on availability.

Room bookings for University staff, clubs or associations are subject to a fee.

Gryphon Gallery (85–100 people): $100/hr (min 3 hours, max 6 hours charge)
Foundation Life Members Room (20–25 people): $50/hr (min 3 hours, max 6 hours charge)
Pierre Gorman Room (20–25 people): $50/hr (min 3 hours, max 6 hours charge)
LJ Wrigley Room (5–12 people): $35/hr (min 3 hours, max 6 hours charge)
George Browne Room (5–12 people): $35/hr (min 3 hours, max 6 hours charge)
Please ensure you or another contact arrives 15 minutes prior to the starting time to confirm all requirements have been met and that you are familiar with the 1888 Building.
Please consider the total time required for any room access whatsoever, including setting up and packing up afterwards. Especially for large events, the booking may need to end 1 hour after the event itself finishes.
Room layout (e.g. tables) can affect maximum capacity. If the number of attendees exceeds room capacity, GSA reserves the right to bump your booking to a larger room. In this case you will be contacted before being charged for the larger room needed.
For free bookings, you are responsible for setting up and packing up the room. Please ensure enough time within your booking period to do this.
(Other - please describe)
Paid bookings outside of business hours:
  • If participants are attending outside of 9am–5pm Mon–Fri, an extra charge applies. The charge is $50 per hour on weekdays, and $100 per hour on weekends and public holidays.
  • There is a minimum charge of 4 hours for weekends and public holidays.
  • Conference phone and modem access are not available.
  • All costs above are inclusive of GST. Any damage to GSA equipment will be invoiced to the hirer.
  • Internet access:
  • The 1888 Building is on the University of Melbourne Wi-Fi network and can be accessed with staff or student credentials.
  • If you are an external party and require a Visitor Account to be set up, please let GSA know at least one week prior to your booking.

  • Cleaning and removal of catering equipment
  • Rooms are to be left in the same condition as when allocated.
  • Hirers arranging their own catering MUST clean up rooms and wipe tabletops at the end of the function, and ensure catering equipment is collected within their booking timeslot.
  • If you require cleaning services after your event, please notify GSA.
  • Cleaning charges will apply if the rooms/tabletops are left in an unsatisfactory condition, starting at $100 for cleaning that takes up to 1 hour. Additional charges may apply for cleaning that requires more time or specialised services/products.
  • If your booking extends past the nominated finishing time and falls outside of work hours, extra charges will apply.

  • You are welcome to use the communal kitchen facilities in Room 105 on level one (excluding stove and oven).
  • Note: as it is a communal kitchen, GSA does not take responsibility for any food or items left in the kitchen and does not provide cups, cutlery or crockery.
  • Please specify the name and contact phone number for your external catering group.
    Alcohol and hot water urns
  • Licensing laws require that a current Liquor Licence MUST cover ALL ALCOHOL for sale in the 1888 Building.
  • If alcohol is being consumed at a booking, a GSA staff member must be present. This will incur a staff charge of $50 per hour..
  • Any alcohol served must be served by someone holding a current RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol licence).
  • Any use of catering equipment such as hot water urns or pie warmers must be discussed with GSA Reception.

  • Cancellation fees
  • Cancelling with more than 5 business days of notice will not incur any charges.
  • Cancelling with 2–5 business days of notice will incur a charge of 20% of the total.
  • Cancelling with less than 2 business days of notice will incur a charge of 50% of the total.
  • Cancelling with less than 1 business day of notice, or failing to show for your booking will incur a charge of 100% of the total.