Southbank Officer Nominee:

Hello I’m Mindy (she/her), I believe that the newly made Southbank Officer will provide essential advocacy and events for our cohort. The Southbank Community is incredibly diverse in terms of our interests and culture. While a diverse group, we are brought together by our shared beautiful campus and unique teaching, learning and research methods.

I’m a current PhD candidate exploring the intricate relationship between music and emotions in distressed young people, and care deeply about the wellbeing of all students on our campus. I am particularly passionate about building up our Southbank Graduate Student Community by providing more cost-of-living and social support.

I believe in securing solutions, and pragmatism via an informed style of advocacy. My time as a GSA FFAM Representative has shown me the value of what strong Graduate Student Representation can bring to our experiences.

Taking this experience, I could contribute to developing the Graduate Community at Southbank. My studies at multiple universities in the USA have given me a thorough understanding of the different issues students, particularly international students face. I am a hard worker, and would really be honored to serve Southbank Graduate Students.