1888 Building kitchens, lounges and shower

The 1888 Building is open to University of Melbourne Graduate Students 7 days a week, from 8am until 11pm, and has a number of useful facilities beyond just study spaces.


The 1888 Building has four kitchens equipped with microwaves, fridges, boiling water and filtered water. Use them to keep your drinks cold, make yourself some coffee or tea, or warm up your home-made meal.


  • Ground floor, west wing (Room G15)
  • First floor, east wing kitchen (Room 152)
  • First floor, central kitchen (Room 105)
  • Second floor, The Loft


There are two more relaxed spaces available in the 1888 Building: the loft and the graduate lounge.

The loft is accessible by the central stairs or the elevator right next to the GSA reception, and is hidden away in the top towers of the building. It’s great for quiet study, but has a more chilled-out vibe than our study rooms. The graduate lounge is on the ground floor of the building and has full disabled access and views of one of the courtyards. It’s officially the “feel free to chat” zone.


If you cycle in to uni, or you’re exercising on campus, you can clean up in our unisex shower. It’s on the first floor of the building in room 129. From the central staircase turn right, walk past the vending machine and continue walking along the corridor. You’ll find it tucked away at the very end on the right-hand side. BYO soap, towel, etc.