Board Member and Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Nominee:

Heyo Grad-Students! I’m Jordan Di Natale (He/Him), an enthusiastic Doctor of Physiotherapy student and this year I am running for GSA BOARD. I have vast experience in organising university activities, through committees like activities and welfare and via clubs and grad groups. I have also been involved in GSA for the past 3 years as a faculty member and your GSA Activities Officer planning events such as Orientation, GSA Breakfasts and Lunches, Wellbeing Classes, GSA Iftar Dinner, GSA Soiree, and GSA Ball just to name a few. More than ever, student welfare is fundamental in fulfilling student life and building everlasting uni-experiences. As your BOARD member, I will ensure that all student voices are heard and supported during any challenge that they may face. I understand more than ever the imperative essentials to making university life accessible and enjoyable. I promise that I will make GSA a place for all graduate students regardless of their course or background. A place where together all students are enriched with support, excitement, and fulfillment. Please vote[1] for me for your BOARD and Vote[1] Together to support Student Livelihoods, Responsible Governance and an Uplifted University Experience! Thank you!