Board Member , Women's Officer, Health & Welfare Officer, Business and Economics Nominee:

Women’s Officer Statement

I am interested in the position of GSA Women’s Officer. As a passionate follower for gender equality and women’s rights, I aspire to co-create a supportive and empowering environment for female graduate students on our campus. Throughout my personal growth journey, I have consistently focused on women’s personal growth issues, namely how they can enhance their comprehensive abilities, which will help women safely and smoothly overcome difficulties at many important moments in their lives, pursuing a better life. Additionally, I am particularly concerned about women’s safety and equality issues. I am well aware that women’s personal growth requires not only their own efforts, but also the company of a trustworthy and fully supportive group. My experience has equipped me with good empathy, communication skills, and observation skills, which are crucial for understanding women’s needs. I believe these skills align very well with the responsibilities of women’s officer. If appointed as a women’s official, I will actively participate in protecting women’s rights and serving them with active voices. Thank you for considering my application. I aspire to bring my passion and dedication to the position of women’s officer, and bring a positive impact to the life of female graduate students at the University of Melbourne.

Health & Welfare Officer Statement

I want to express my keen interest in the Health and Welfare Officer position within the Graduate Student Association. On the one hand, I have been actively involved in activities that promote mental health. I often use meditation apps and I know that meditation can be helpful for releasing sadness and anxiety. In addition, During my undergraduate studies, I was also a member of a psychological club. I also read some books and guides on psychology. On the other hand, I have always focused on health issues. In my daily life, I regularly do some exercises, such as yoga, zomba, dancing, running, and swimming. Additionally, I maintain a good diet to make myself feel relaxed. In short, I understand maintaining health and happiness is significant for students, especially graduate students. If appointed, I will make efforts to enhance the mental health awareness of graduate students and advocate for policies that prioritize student welfare. I am committed to participating in activities that create a supportive environment and enable students to prioritize their own well-being. I believe that my passion for student welfare and dedication to this cause make me a strong candidate for this position.