Introducing our new CEO, Rachna Muddagouni

Monday 2 December 2019

The University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association (GSA) is pleased to introduce Rachna Muddagouni as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective September 2019.

Rachna brings over 20 years of experience in executive roles, with a strong history of working in non-profit organisations and public statutory bodies. Her specialties include business development, strategic planning, change management, policy analysis and strategic communication and engagement.

Rachna is supported by an executive team comprising two experienced General Managers: Emily De Rango and Tevita Lesuma.

Emily is the General Manager of GSA’s Representation Team, which champions GSA’s crucial function as the graduate student voice. This work includes training and supporting graduate students to sit on over 30 University committees, leading advocacy and campaigns both within the University and broader community, and supporting and engaging with GSA’s 140 affiliated graduate student groups.

Tevita is the General Manager of GSA’s Student Engagement Team, which delivers services and events aimed at improving graduate student wellbeing, social connectedness, academic excellence and career-transition outcomes. Throughout the entire year, GSA offers services and events ranging from grand-scale Orientation days to small-scale support such as lockers and food and drink subsidies, cementing the organisation’s place as the heart of graduate student life.

Rachna’s appointment as CEO comes during GSA’s 25th year as an independent association. While GSA is already proud of its recent bold period of achievement and innovation, Rachna is intent on leading the organisation from strength to further strength in the years to come, emphasising strategy, vision and purpose.

The future that Rachna envisions is one of inclusive, empowered graduate student communities that achieve meaningful and holistic university experiences. She looks forward to working with her talented Executive Team, and GSA’s elected Council of graduate students, to achieve it.

About the Graduate Student Association

The University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the peak representative body for all graduate students at the University of Melbourne. We are an independent association led by an elected student council, providing representation, events, training and support to over 36,000 graduate students.