Voting in the GSA 2018 election was closed on 11 May 2018, and provisional results were announced on 15 May 2018.

However, the Electoral Tribunal has been unable to confirm the final results of the election as an appeal has been lodged. For clarity’s sake, it should be noted that the Electoral Tribunal is completely independent of GSA and is made up of senior lawyers who work pro-bono in this capacity.

Some information regarding the nature of the appeal was released in Farrago earlier today. As such, in the interests of full transparency, GSA wishes to provide our membership with further information.

The appeal, which was lodged by one of the candidates, disputes the results of the elections. It makes broad ranging allegations against GSA staff, the Returning Officer, and several candidates.

GSA has conducted a thorough internal investigation into the conduct of our staff involved in the electoral process and have found no evidence of misconduct or partisanship. As such, we are confident that the ability of staff to execute their duties with integrity and diligence has not been compromised.

Information regarding the inquiry has been submitted to the Electoral Tribunal and GSA’s Chief Executive Officer will speak to these on Monday, when the Tribunal convenes for a hearing on all elements of the complaint.

A decision on the outcome of the appeal, along with the confirmed final election results, is expected later that week.

Rule 5.1 (3) of the GSA Constitution will come into immediate effect as soon as the Electoral Tribunal declares the final election results, and at this time the new Council will come into being. This Council will then have 28 days in which to elect their President, Vice President, General Secretary and other Office Bearers.

GSA does not wish to disrupt the Electoral Tribunal’s process by providing any further information regarding the allegations made. This will be our final statement on the matter until the Electoral Tribunal rules on the appeal.

Students wishing to understand the process being undertaken can familiarise themselves with the Electoral Regulations.

All further questions regarding the elections should be directed to Stephen Luntz, Returning Officer: