If you’re in the market for some spot-on advice as you get started on your graduate studies at The University of Melbourne, GSA has got your back.

We asked 15 grad students what they wish they’d known before they started their degrees, and this is what they told us.

1. You’re not an undergrad anymore.

“Going into undergrad…
Everything you know about high school, forget it… this is not the same! Don’t act like you know what you are doing!

Going into postgrad…
Everything you know about undergrad, forget it… this is not the same! Don’t act like you know what you are doing!” – Kylie

2. There is… quite a lot of free stuff going around

“Check the notifications tab on My.UniMelb every day. You can take part in research studies for cash or free coffee!” – Putri

“There are free group fitness classes at the gym. They are awesome and great for stress relief.” – Kelly


“Register to Water Safety Program. You’ll get free access to swimming pool for a semester!” – Treffi

“You can get a free water bottle at Stop 1 if you do their Sustainability Quiz.” – Vilius

“Don’t stress if you forget to bring lunch – there is ALWAYS free food somewhere on campus ?” – Debbie

3. You’ve kind of got to study

“I wish I had known that studying from week one is very important to get good grades! Oh, no, wait! Forget good grades – to even pass you need to study from week one ?” – Aishwara

“That I should study prior to SWOTVAC!” – Ashleigh


“If you put in the time, your marks will be fine.” – Anna

4. Don’t break your back

“Don’t carry around so much. All I bring now is a usb drive and a small notepad. It’s not high school. You know how you learn.” – Jason

5. Get employable

“Start looking for a casual or part-time job relating to your course from the first day! Gaining work experience and building the connections are so, so important, even it’s just volunteering! Use Careers Online and ask around. Again, working experience and connections!!” – Anna

 6. Squeeze in some shut-eye between classes

“If you have to wait for a few hours for your next lecture and you feel sleepy, the Rowden White Library in the Union House building is the place for you!” – Abbas

“There are places in campus where you can actually have a proper nap and rest.” – Paola

7. You don’t have to be lost all the time

“I wish I knew about Lost on Campus during my first week.” – Gautam


“Be aware of your building. Visit it during orientation or get an idea through the maps beforehand. It will save you the hassle on your first class.” – Shabnam

8. Make use of GSA

Great perks at the 1888 Building: piano, computers lab, kitchen, showers, lockers and the loft space is a warm place to study during winter. Oh and great coffee few steps from there.” – Daniel

“I wish I’d known I could get a free locker from GSA, because I would have registered earlier. The waiting list can be quite long.” – Yani